N̶o̶ ̶M̶o̶r̶e̶ Dream(s)

N̶o̶ ̶M̶o̶r̶e̶ Dream(s)
I'll make my own Most Beautiful Moment In Life


I don't have any of that..

Or maybe that's what u would say

I've had many of them throughout the years

Yet no one has been accomplished

Only 18 years on this and I'm already being too harsh on myself

Look, I've been following a constructed path, nothing bad with it, I really enjoyed it and never had a bad time on this, only the ones I get myself into it. But that's no bueno, specially if I want to be and live as myself.

so far away (Feat. Suran) - Agust D

Everyday knowing a little bit more about how I am and what I want. But my goals seems nearly impossible, and only because of me. The lack of consistency and 'purpose' on what I do led me here, on a dark, obscure forest, with the remaining parts of my soul being burned by my mind. The ambitious, reckless, 'logical' and unsatisfied mind. These rests laying on a nearly black background as my shine gets turned down until disappearing completely.

burned all of me, the ashes tries to reassemble and born onto a Fenix bird flying to Abraxas

This particular time of my life is so strange, late puberty (transition to adulthood) hits hard on a spiritual level. Hoping to get on a better place, but more than that, hoping I'm the one capable being on that better place. Nothing matters most than me on this times, these complex times where everything starts to come and get me. If I get myself better, everything would start going on, I really hope that...

Dreams, many dreams I had, many dreams I have, but that's my essential one. Just that one, everything else are just distractions and impulses from my Ego and mind.

I'll fly to the bosom of my soul, understand the true nature of the world, the universe and the reality I feel as real as myself.

Create my own purpose, build a life I think is worth living, not falling on one of the both paths of the impulses of the people who didn't even tried to be more closely to their true self: Living the worshipped life their environment tells them is possible and more plausible, more respected among others. Letting the Tao rule all of them. And the life of the unfitting ones like me and many of us on a similar place, but their eagerness of this crazy people to reach their dreams and desires, fled too high that ended becoming a mere sad metaphor of Icarus. Being locked on Mental Institutions or even prisons (as if both of them aren't the same) to restrict their dangerous liberty and keep society functional without too much change, because our instinct tells us to shut down the anxiety, the dizzying effect of freedom. Because is hard to manage, to walk among its paths, to be true oneself.

I'll keep my aspirations and dreams, like a good man developed on a western society. But only if this are just a step more close to me, to be one with the Tao and myself.


Dream!! Right now!